Banbury Walker Studio is the number one resource to the design industry in London. That is a pretty bold statement however we think we can back it up. Each year we design over 500 projects, creating stunning environments, memorable events and thoughtful graphics. You will have seen plenty of our work, you just won’t have known it was ours.

Working exclusively for the biggest agencies in the world, we design architecture, retail, live events, rock concerts, museums and films. We have conceived fireworks shows for the Burj Khalifa, created Olympic houses and digitally sculpted the badges for Jaguar and Land Rover.

In an increasingly visual world, clients not only expect beautifully crafted strategy from their agencies, they demand stunning concepts that excite and inspire. Our creative direction, design and visual communication has become the industry standard for pitch winning ideas.

Spaces that traditionally have been about delivering a product or service are now rightly seen as the physical manifestation of a brand. The focus of these new environments should always be the customer experience. At Banbury Walker Studio we specialise in experiential design and apply that approach across all channels, both physical and digital, where brands engage with their customers.